Natural Theatre Company has been making people laugh in nearly 80 countries for over 45 years. Combining a unique style of visual comedy with an impeccable eye for detail, we produce a delightfully absurd interactive walkabout street theatre from over 100 characters and scenarios.

Natural Theatre is the UK brand leader in comic interactive street theatre and interactive performance. Our trade mark is immaculate and well observed characters placed in surreal situations. Our work is accessible, fun, improvised, interactive and highly photogenic.

The company, which has won many international awards, is equally at home in busy streets, festivals, corporate events or at birthdays and weddings. We have performed across the world and have invented some of the most exciting and adventurous outdoor performances and interventions.

Never static, we constantly reinvent and create new interactive street theatre to delight and entertain. Alongside our performance work we provide street theatre workshops which can be combined within a performance programme.

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Who we are

interactive street theatre

Administrative & Management Staff:

Director – Andy Burden
Company Administrator – Elle Roberts
Participation Manager – Mark Bishop
Bookkeeper – Alfie Thomas

We have a large pool of performers; the following are working with us presently:

Adrian Hamilton
Alastair Goolden
Alfie Thomas
Ali Campbell
Ashley Christmas
Bryn Holding
Chris Garner
Daisy Douglas
Dan Winter
Emma Beard
Haf Morgan
Heather Westwell
Jacqui Popay
Katy Jane
Kirsty Cox
Lizzie Crarer
Lizzy Cummins
Mark Bishop
Paul Critoph
Pavel Douglas
Piers Wehner
Ric JerromRuth Rogers
Phoebe Kemp
Karina Jones
Holly Thomas
Caroline Parker
Jean St Claire
Richard Newnam
Lee Hedges
Jamie Beddard
Nicky Wildin
Amy Trigg








The Board of Trustees:

Douglas Looman (Chair)
Rona Fineman
Sarah McCluskey
Andrew Wright
Richard Lister
Vernon Hitchman
Oliver Norton