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Theatrical City Tours

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See your city in a whole new (and hilarious) light, as history comes to life around you.

We create bespoke walking tours of cities, celebrating their great stories through the ages. 

Winchester Undone took us on a hilarious historical quest to discover why so many people had come to Winchester to die. And they did. Lots of them!

Bristol Undone took us around dynamic scenes from Bristol’s history taking audiences from the M Shed to the SS Great Britain, covering history from the mouths of a love stricken Coleridge to confused and frantic Brunel.

Bath The Movie revealed that Bath wasn’t real at all….in fact it is the back lot of a film studio ….See that derelict building over there? That was definitely the set of the latest Mission Impossible. And the park we’re just passing? We’re nearly 100% sure it was the main location for Games of Thrones. Possibly.

Out Of The Shadows was a huge participation project ending in a walking tour that took us through the history of poverty and the seedier side of Bath. Touching, informative and very powerful!