Roman Baths

The Natural Theatre Company is resident at The Roman Baths Museum in the centre of the beautiful city of Bath.  We populate the famous Great Bath with Roman Characters, each of whom has a detailed back story and full understanding of life in Roman Britain.  We bring the visitors into the time zone of the characters and engage with them with our usual energy and detailed costume.  We are serious about the history, but ensure the characters have a great sense of humour!




We have also been engaged to perform historically accurate Georgians, often creating entertaining interpretations of Ralph Allen and Beau Nash to illuminate the history of Bath.  A recent engagement for World Heritage Day, saw us mingling with visitors at the Assembly Rooms, inviting them to play cards whilst our characters engaged in a duel!  We also appeared The Bath “Min” Hospital having researched the life of James Lind who undertook the very first medical experiments.  We have worked with a number historic sites in Bath and have animated Prior Park Gardens for The National Trust.

 JAF - Austen Undone-8361

Jane Austen

We work closely with the Jane Austen Festival producing fabulous performance events.  In 2015 we created a “meet the author” evening in An Interview with Jane Austen where our well-researched performer took questions from the audience. Austen’s Dilemma  saw the world famous author wrestle the the problem of which character to remove from Pride & Prejudice with involvement and a final vote from the audience.  We have also created a fabulous theatrical walking tour called Austen Undone that visits may of Austen’s famous plot devices in her haunts in Bath.


World War One ReEnactment1

First World War

 A Heritage Lottery Fund grant gave us the opportunity to work with young people and professional performers to bring alive the field hospitals of the First -World War.  We have provided roaming soldiers as well as a day long installation featuring the tents, beds and the staff of a field hospitals. Using real character studies, a delicately place wit, and fabulous costumes we powerfully bring home the far-reaching effects of the First World War.