Conferences, Trade Shows, Events

Conferences, Trade Shows, Events

Delight your delegates with The Natural Theatre Company


- Welcome the delegates with a smile
- Bring a light-touch and relaxed atmosphere to networking areas
- Animate exhibition spaces
- Move crowds with fun

We work with clients to create a delightful delegate experience that is different and engaging.  We make registration, networking and fun in a unique and inspiring way. Our highly skilled actors mix with your guests as our beautifully photogenic & hugely engaging characters, bringing your key messaging to life


Let us take you on a journey through your conference or business event…

Welcome – A big smile as delegates are greeted by our 1950s Paparazzi… everyone is a celebrity at your conference!

Registration – At the queues for registration, (whilst guests wonder if their name is spelt correctly on their name tag) the Cabin Crew take you through to the ‘Business Class’ lounge with a light-hearted pampering ensuring they have the very best treatment!

Moving through – If your guests are wondering where to go – our Explorers can help! Or our Nannies will make sure your guests look spick and span and are well cared for!

At the meet and greet – the ice needs breaking. Whilst your nervous guests are trying to remember the conversation tips from ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, there is the arrival of our well-to-do, suitcase-clutching characters who engage in witty conversations and introduce delegates to each other like they are old friends. Everyone is part of their extended family and they encourage your guests to help the suitcases connect, and they can travel forward as one happy group

Moving guests from one space to another can be tricky – a bit of gentle humour from the Lollipop People or our A La Carte Waiters can make this far more enjoyable… and successful!

In the Exhibition Area, our Chromatics and Flowerpots bring beautifully visual performances that are a fabulous photo opportunity to lift the room.

Now your event is wrapping up – nothing like laughter to re-enforce what a great event this has been, our Caretakers or our Hugging Coppers are there to say goodbye and encourage them to bring their colleagues next year!


We will work with you to create new ideas at your event.

We can build new scenarios to re-enforce your messaging, for moving attendees from room to room, to help introduce speakers, for closing the event and more. Please get in touch to discuss the myriad of possibilities – just click below!

Would you like us at your event?

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