* * * * *  Sheer joy, energy and fun… should be on prescription for lifting the soul  Bath Echo


* * * *  A brilliant piece of comedy theatre…  the perfect way for one to ease back into live performance  Confessions of a 5ft 2 Actress


DIRTY BATH WILL RETURN after its sell-out success at Bath’s Rondo Theatre

The City of Bath has been famed since the beginning of time (or since a man and some pigs stumbled across it) for its healing waters, beautiful Georgian architecture and wholesome countryside surroundings. The Romans loved it, the Georgians couldn’t get enough, and modern-day pleasure seekers are still flocking to the city by the coachload to take in its rich history and… well, its Christmas Market.

Little do they know that, behind its beige façade, Bath is hiding a past that it is riddled with tales of debauchery, villainy and depravity. The Natural Theatre Company invite you to join them on a voyage through Bath’s murkier waters as they throw a light on the less virtuous aspects of the city’s history. It won’t be plain sailing, but it will be very, very funny.

Trigger warning: this show will NOT feature Jane Austen.