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Pigeon Poo People

A hapless huddle of innocent bystanders desperately despoiled by defecating doves. There’s something positively bird-like about them… Surreal, strange – and deeply droll!
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Cabin Crew

They’re positively positive, charmingly cheerful, and top-notch customer service is their speciality!  A visual treat with a witty rapport: upgrade to first-class and fly funny today!
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It is windy wet and wild and these rough old dogs have lost their boat, sea shanties flow and tall tales amuse!
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Exploring the world for the good of humankind – but every guest is a rare species in need of protecting – or of observation.
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Jilted Brides

These poor brides have been left at the alter and are out for revenge… but don’t feel too sorry for them: they’re quick to move on, creating a hilarious and photogenic visual spectacle wherever they go!
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“Bonjour Monsieur, Madam, ‘ow may I be of service?” These high-class waiters are the best of the best (of the best). They move as one in a beautiful dance as they flow through the crowd, praising and pampering your guests…there’s only one thing missing: no food!
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Very colourful and very, very precise: our eye-catching temporal team create beautiful transient moments which won’t fade from memory.
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The Silent Majority strikes back! People may try to infiltrate them, they may even try to make them (ugh!) laugh. They’re implacably against whatever it is – and They. Shall. Not. Be. Moved. We tailor the protest to the theme of your event – hilarious, and a Natural Theatre Company classic!
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Old fashioned businessmen (or are they old-fashioned shop display dummies) have escaped: they’re scarpering down your street! Totally compelling, truly surprising, and very photogenic.
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With boundless enthusiasm our West-Country gardeners are here to nurture your seeds of ideas until they sprout into wonderful dreams and grow into bonkers ideas.
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